Policy of Truth

@Stickr we acknowledge that our different social media environment will open new ideas of communication for business promotion.

We are committed to keep this new digital space true and authentic for all users.
As our ideal is to a have a social media ad free, and suggested free content, we aim at partnership with a unique global brand that will enable us to deliver this promise - without intrusive advertising.

We ourselves explore and highly praise creativity, this is why, if you want to endorse your business here, we invite you to carefully read our Policy of Truth.

Truth no 1: we all have brands that we really love, so if your content stickr posts includes visible favourite brand it should be inspirational, natural, aspirational - we also advise you to use the #nopaidad #brandswelove

Truth no 2: if you want to let the world know about the best coffee or best museum in your town then your stickr content should not include the following: pricing, offer of the day, discounts, sales, happy hours schedule of shop, combined words in #s, swahili language new offer, links to marketplace, and so on, you know all that stuff

Truth no 3: our teams worked hard to provide an AI free wall for global content, so if you have a business that you want to mark on the 3D map, you can, but first walk behind Truth 1&2. Then make your authentic stickr about it, only one such stickr per week will be allowed, because imagine how would you feel if one day you open the feed to see the real world and you will see 127 posts all about the same retailer in your continent - not nice!

Truth no 4: as we worked intensively to bring you this new social media, we can imagine that you might also have something that you’ve put all you passion into. And we would love to see it in stickr, thus we’ve been thinking and if you understand Truth1,2,3, then you can make your true & authentic content about your business and just place in # a 6 words story that will encourage other users to seek it/try it out. So your creativity will ensure rightfulness in the app environment.

Truth no 5: we believe that our community will grow stronger together, and no! this not just a consequence of these times, cause we are thinking about this for 4 years now. In this respect we encourage you all to tell us when you will encounter a profile that might not be aware of all the above stated. Truth works both ways.

Our Policy of Truth is entitled also by stickr Terms & Conditions, we invite you to carefully read and acknowledge.
In addition the Trade Mark code is constantly updated and acts a guard to stronghold the concept of the app.
Stickr support teams are devoted to maintain a positive experience within the app and thank you for all your involvement & feedback.